Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Worlds Collide

I added links to Arley, Charles, and Zane's web logs. Interestingly, with the exception of Ruth my Austin friends seem not to use Livejournal.

Ever since coming to MIT, I've subconsciously tried to separate my life in Austin from my life here. I'm not sure why I've done this; I guess initially there wasn't really that much of an overlap in interests. Also, there's this reaction from people in Boston that nothing besides the east and west coast really exists and there's a slight defensive response to this. But I suspect the dominant factor actually had to do with my roles in the two communities. AT MIT, I came in as a relative novice;a most of the people I interacted with were mentors and would know enough to avoid the mistakes I was making in my work. Yet in Austin, I was regarded as a relative expert. By the summer of my freshman year at MIT, I was making design decisions for the company that eventually became FundsXpress. I suspect I was afraid that the wizards of MIT would notice what I was doing and point out that I was out of my depth.

There have been a few overlaps over the years. One Boston friend worked for FundsXpress. Once the CEO of Fundsxpress randomly dropped by SIPB and asked if I wanted to skip class the next day and go negotiate a deal with a brokerage in New York. But for the most part the worlds have been separate.

So it ended up feeling strange looking at a web page that linked both aspects of my life--stranger even than having Susan in Austin. It life, especially in something relatively symbolic like a webpage. Ah well, might as well get with the times and realize the world is tiny.
Tags: introspection

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