Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Austin Retrospective

Just last week I was complaining that the 77+-degree temperatures in
Austin were too hot; now I'm dreading the sub-zero wind chill forecast
for the next few days. While the weather was a bit on the warm side,
the visit to Austin was Great. I returned to Boston on Sunday but
haven't gotten a chance to write about it until now. I was going to
see friends and family. Also, Susan came to visit starting December

If you're ever in Austin, I highly recommend the Wink Restaurant. A friend
treated Susan and I to a meal there and it was excellent. They
have a fairly small menu; approximately one dish for each type of meat
they serve, but all we tried was good. I think Mark would have
appreciated the chocolate soup.

The first part of the visit was rather leisurely. But after Susan
arrived, we picked up a frantic pace. On Wednesday, we visited
Perdinales Falls and drove around the Texas hill country. That night
we brought in the new year at a relatively small party hosted by David
and Sofia. On Thursday, we drove down to Houston. I needed to
discuss business with Arley
and Susan said she would come along. The meeting went well
considering (I may discuss it in a few days).

On Friday we spent the day working. Then we went to Odd Friday that
evening. It was a very good Odd Friday--interesting mix of people
many of whom do not often attend. I had a great conversation with Zane about how to structure
companies and about software engineering as art. The weekend was also

The net result is that while I had a great time, I'm looking forward
to another vacation to actually relax. Japan next week!

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