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Phone headsets

Does anyone have advice on phone headsets that support mute and that
work as or with typical analogue phones?


I'm a big fan of the Plantronics M175.
I use one with a Uniden TruC46. I think the TruC46
has been discontinued, but the Plantronics CT12 is
the same thing with a NiMH rather than LiIon battery.

The M175 has a nice mute switch and volume control
inline on the cable which gives you good tactile
feedback to its state. The CT12 comes with a headset
that is basically the M175 without the mute switch,
but you can hold a button on the unit to mute it.
(Finding the right button or telling the mute state
is harder that way, though, so I prefer the headset
with the mute switch inline on the cable.)