Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Back in Boston

The rest of the Austin trip was a lot of fun. Spent Thursday night hanging out with someone I met at IETF and his wife. Christmas with the family was good. Spent some time getting to know brandyeileen, who I met on this trip. Ended up going to Zane's party Monday. My arrival was somewhat disastrous: Zane's two dogs were very excited to see me and even more excited to see an excited dog. They got in a fight. His wife tried to pull them apart; she was bitten.

The trip back was successful although it could have been better. I got to my gate just in time to discover that my flight was going to be late enough to miss my connection. American was very helpful in rerouting me through Dallas instead of Chicago; managing to get my bag to follow me involved heroic efforts for which I was quite pleased. Of course my DFW-BOS flight was delayed over an hour because of plane allocation problems. We got to Boston just in time to meet the flight from Chicago (apparently also delayed). All in all, a good day not to be working for the airlines.

Now, back to work.


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