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Austin Trip

Will be visiting Austin from March 11 until March 16. The nominal purpose of the trip is to make progress on System Shock and to see people. Parents may be in town.


System Shock? As in the Looking Glass game?
Well, SS2, but yeah. A group of friends and I were playing it back in
2000 or 2001, and we never finished. I was back in town earlier this year and we noticed we had the same group of people together. We decided to finish the game. We failed having lost our save file, but we got back to the same point where we left off before.

Sorry I'll miss you

I'll be in Europe from 3/3-3/20. Have fun though.

Sorry I'll miss you

I'll be in Europe from 3/3 to 3/20. Have fun. Hopefully, I'll get to see you next time you're through. We'll have to arrange for a lunch or dinner. I haven't set aside much time for your last few visits. Sorry.