Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Life has been busy. In particular, it is completely filled with work. There has been a lot of budget, performance review, IETF and technical work. I'm enjoying myself a great deal. There is some stupidity in MIT's IS organization but much less than I expected. I'm enjoying working with my team and my boss. One of the other managers I'm working with has been very helpful and is great to work with. There's just way too much to do.

For a while I mostly had no social life. I'm tending to go to bed earlier than everyone else at hotass. There hasn't been time for me to find other things to do. I've been hanging out at SIPB a fair bit recently because people seem to be around there and working on stuff. I'm getting to help some people ther, which is good. I need to focus on finding social things to do soon. But so much stuff to do and now I'm going to need to deal with the hastle of moving.

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