May 4th, 2004

What's the point anyway?

Today has been one of those days. I started out and by lunch realized that I had come to the conclusion to try and abandon three major projects. The common theme seemed to be a belief that the projects were very complex design efforts that no one would ever get around to implementing. In one case--a discussion of GSSAPI on krbdev--I believe that closing down the project is actually the right choice. It's getting way out of hand in terms of complexity and it needs to be done soon. I don't think canceling the other projects would be right or that I could actually manage to do so. I believe my concerns about implementation likelihood are reasonable but that the projects actually do need to happen. I just don't see how that's actually going to get pulled off. I'm just in one of those phases where I realize there is far more work to be done than I can possibly get to--or really than anyone can possibly get to. In other news lawyers who don't understand copyright suck, particularly when they are trying to license something.
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