June 22nd, 2004

Sam VS Thinkpad X40 Round 1

The laptop won of course, but it was a reasonably close battle as these things go. Resizing down the NTFS partition didn't work quite as well as expected; old version of Partition Magic and ntfsresize wouldn't reduce the partition below 17G even after defragmentation. Once NTFS partition was dealt with, the new Debian installer just worked. X and ethernet worked with no significant effort. Sound worked with no effort, although it doesn't work with my speech software. ACPI is a complete lose, or rather in the words of those who write web pages about such things, it works just fine. As you read the web pages, you realize that by just fine, they mean that everything besides suspend to memory or disk works. Bluetooth and possibly USB is broken. Wireless not attempted yet although I have some faith in madwifi. In short, useless until sound improves.l