November 8th, 2004


Well, it's Monday evening and I'm already tired. I was appointed to replace Steve as one of the two security area directors. The nomcom process is the most grueling and stressful process I've been through in a while; in many ways like applying to college all over again. The nomcom application started with around 10 essay questions back in October; they encouraged complete answers and mentioned no length limit. For me, answering the questions took around 30k of text. The process went on from there, concluding with weeks of nail-biting stress waiting to hear about the decision. I didn't find out until Sunday morning after I had arrived at the meeting. I'm glad I was selected; in order to put together a good application you have to invest a fair bit of effort and be prepared for a significant time commitment. There is bound to be disappointment—probably mixed with relief—associated with not being
selected. I'm starting to figure out what is involved. A lot of work is ahead. I think I'll enjoy things; I hope I do a good job.
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