November 14th, 2004

Being Blind

Dealing with transition issues associated with being seated on the IESG was a bit strange. I'm not used to actively having to think about being blind in a work context or to needing to answer questions about it. There's not a problem with such questions. For myself, I've mostly just answered them years ago and don't really think about the issues. However my blindness seemed to be a significant issue for several of the other IESG members and they were concerned about how well I would deal. Nomcom didn't discuss the issue although I offered to answer any questions they had.

People universally seem to focus on things that are not hard problems. For example when asking how I use a computer, most peoples' big question is how do I manage to type, not how do I get output. Last week the big question was would I be able to use IETF websites like the ID Tracker. The other question is how do I follow presentations. Issues that actually end up being somewhat challenging like how do I get around or communicate with people without disrupting a meeting tend never to be the focus.

None of this is a problem; it just feels strange. The questions are natural and they have relatively easy answers. The answers seem satisfactory.