December 22nd, 2004


Arrived in Austin Friday. Went to party at lasofia's as usual. It was fun; saw several people from FundsXpress, plus many of the people I'd expect to see there. mango_chango was very talkative. UNlike most kids his age he didn't seem shy and was happy to talk to me and threaten to remove body parts. He is smart; I was impressed at how well he followed and participated in conversations. Boy is he active.

Ran into sheilagh at Sofia's. She was having her Solstice party again this year. Three years ago, I attempted to go but failed because we thought no one was actually there; apparently we were wrong but we didn't want to wake anyone up. The next year I was distracted by an urgent need to start a company instead of going to the party. Last year apparently there was no such party. But I made it this year. It was a great party; I ran into many figures from my distant past. There were several people from high school (such as brandyeileen, brennarella from FundsXpress, and a few figures from the BBS days. Several interesting social and professional contacts.

Today, lunch with chardin and another old FXer. Tonight is yet another group of high school friends. Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with a friend from the IETF and his family.

It has been great to escape work and have fun with people. I miss Austin.

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