April 1st, 2005


I signed a lease on an apartment on Pearl Street a few blocks away from Mass Ave. It's bigger than I need, but on the other hand it seems to be relatively nice. I get keys mid next week. Need to start arranging movers, cable install, etc. I hate moving, but I'm really looking forward to living on my own. It has been nice to have housemates, but I want to actually set up my own space and have it feel like it belongs to me. The only way I'm actually going to get up the energy to do that is if I'm the first one moving into the space; that will motivate me to get some furnature, organize the space, in general actually move in. The next few weeks are going to be annoying though; packing and moving are never fun.

My parents have been threatening to visit Boston for over a year. Other than needing to reinstall the floor because it was done badly the first time, my parents seem to be settled into the new place in New Mexico, so it seems like they will actually get around to visiting. The current plan is for them to visit shortly after I move into the new apartment but probably before I'm done unpacking. They want to volunteer to help set up the new place. I could certainly do it without their help, but having someone with a car to drive around as I'm in the buying stuff and getting it to the apartment phase will allow me to do it much faster. So, I'm certainly not going to turn down the help they are offering. IT will also be nice to have them visit for a change instead of always going to their place.