August 29th, 2005

IETf out of Control

I've just realized that I don't have time or mental bandwith to track all the critical global issues before the IETF. This is insane and I have no idea how we're supposed to deal with the mess. We've got:
  • The LTRU last call, which will probably turn into an appeal. Very complicated; lots of Jefsey comments. Those comments are hard to understand.
  • Two appeals against the publication of Sender ID on different grounds. Highly political.
  • A last call that can be described as a disagreement between Apple and part of Microsoft about how to do multicast DNS to find resources on the local network. Issues are very complicated and go back five years.
  • All the process stuff.
O, and then there are the non-global issues. You know, things like the documents I'm trying to get approved or am currently blocking.

RIP Industrial Algebra the OS X Mac

I have this g5 on my desk. It normal/normally runs Linux but has an OS X partition. With Alexis's help I decided to try upgrading to Tiger today. Shortly after I had managed to get it working, run software update and get it switching back and forth to Linux and OS X, it broke. The HFS filesystem self destructed. It is not clear why or how, but it looks like time for a reinstall.