November 25th, 2005

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It's traditional at this time of year to contemplate what we're thankful for. I have not written much lately about my life. I'll take the time to write a Thanksgiving contemplation and a life update. Things continue to go well; I am hovering roughly around a point of all-time personal happiness. My relationships with Leaf, Margaret and Shava continue to go well. Each is unique and I'm learning different things from them all. Over the past few months I've been introduced to many of their close friends. I'm always a bit nervous meeting the people who are important to someone I care about. However it is also very wonderful to be able to share parts of others' lives. Also, I find that I tend to like the people I meet and I've been making a large number of friends over the past months I would not otherwise make.

Work continues well. The Consortium proposal is behind schedule, but I think we're going to catch up. My team continues to do a great job and I think we continue to be well-regarded within

It's nominations time in the IETF. I need to decide whether I am willing to serve for another two years as security area director. (Well, I've already decided whether I'll throw my name in the hat but have not announced anything publicly.) After a few months of grilling questions candidates will find out if the nominations committee is willing to return them.

Finally, I had set some goals for myself in terms of spiritual and personal development. I think I'm making steady progress on the personal development goals—particularly finding out what I want to do with my life in terms of family, relationships and that sort of thing. I haven't made that much progress on the spiritual side later, but I have been very busy.