February 25th, 2006

Life update

So, I've been positively swamped for about the last month. Much of it has been work. My department is culminating a reorganization. In an attempt to make sure something reasonable happens for my team, I've been trying to be involved. Things are a real mess and it has been generally depressing but really not all that bad. Just very pointless. IETF has been taking up another huge chuck of time .

The net result is that I've made no real progress on personal issues. As Shava mentions, our relationship is changing. While I think we will remain friends and have a strong bond of love between us, eventually we will both have other partners. I've been meaning to focus on finding new people, to find out what I want, and to continue growing. However, finding new people is one of those activities that actually requires work. I'm hoping that now, I can actually spend some time on it. I should make it out of the house more and also focus on building friendships. That's all stuff I'm reasonably good at if I can only find the time. Perhaps that's something I will manage to do in the next couple of months.

I do think Shava and I have made good progress trying to find what's right for us now. For a while it seemed like we were focusing all our energy into resolving problems. We're past that and back to enjoying what we have. Well, we were for a bit. Now we're being sick, but that will soon pass.