May 1st, 2006

Great Big Sea!

So, I went to the Great Big Sea concert last night with mrw42, Carolyn, her cousin and verious assorted husbands and SOs. We had a pre-concert Cod fish dinner. In the interestes of edibility we compromised on authenticity and dispensed with the maggoty butter. After a wonderful dinner we headed to a energetic concert. With the release of Something Beautiful I was concerned that Great Big Sea had lost touch with their roots and with what made them a wonderful band. Both with their new album and with their concert selection, they are much closer to their traditional sound. I'm no longer worried that my favorite band has jumped the shark. I had a great time.
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    GREAT BIG SEA - I'se The B'y


As an update, Shava broke up with me in the middle of March. For related reasons she ended up moving out at the end of March. There was a lot of stress surrounding my desire to keep the landlord/tenant relationship reasonably separate from our romantic relationship. I knew that keeping those separate would be hard, but it was an absolute requirement for me. So, we worked with the requirement until it became impossible. Trying things that might not work out is often worth the risk; I definitely think it was worth it in this instance.

I think that by the end of March, both of us believed that getting distance was a good idea. The challenge now is to figure out to what extent rebuilding friendship makes sense.

Austin May 19-21

I will be in Austin May 19-21. It was the only time I could be there before end of June. Well, I guess I could have gone memorial day weekend, but that seems like a bad time to travel.