June 3rd, 2006

(no subject)

The IESG—particularly Brian—has got to get over being so confrontational. Dean Anderson filed an appeal with the IESG because he believes his comments on an Anycast BCP have not been addressed. The document is just now entering IETF last call. What does Brian do? He sends Dean a message saying that he doesn't understand what IESG decision Dean is appealing and that unless he explains exactly what he is appealing, then the Brian will not allow the IESG to consider Dean's appeal. It really would have been simpler to either let Dean know that we were interpreting his message as last call comments not as an appeal, or to suggest that it would be simpler for him to send last call comments. Yeah, Dean is a pain to deal with. However writing a message designed to defuse the situation just doesn't take much more effort than the message Brian sent. This sort of problem is endemic of the last year of IESG behavior.