August 26th, 2006

Time Cube

I always had a strong empathy with the Time Cube guy. I secretly hoped that it was all some sort of clever isomorphism with real math—he'd found some alternate way of thinking about things that while "correct," depended on a completely different intuitive basis. I'd always envisioned it as a joke that someone had spent way too much time on. I am sure you could do something like that. But my hopes were dashed at the MIT lecture when it became clear that no, he was just some guy that we were all making fun of. Really, my hopes had been dashed days before when I actually spent enough time looking at the website to think about it for a while.

Even so, there are days like today when I feel like giving up on this whole traditional sanity thing. I'd shout at the world that we were living time backwards; the answer asks the question; and the future chooses its own past. And I wouldn't be all that serious. At least not at first.

I don't actually see myself jumping off the deep end like that. It is fun to think about though as I think about all the "crazies" out their with their alternative maths and physicses, hoping that at least one of them is a perfectly sane (if twisted) person who has truly found a consistent system with a highly divergent intuitive model.

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A Year of leaf

I went to bouncingleaf's company picnic on August 13. This was the second year I've done that. This year, she let me carry the butter. As a result, we had fewer amusing stories to tell, but still had a wonderful and wonderfully silly time. I think of this as marking the one year point for knowing Leaf. It's not true: we had known each other for a while before the picnic, and a good chunk of a month has past since then. But that is a good cusp date to anchor things on and to serve as a reminder for introspection. Getting to know Leaf has been wonderful. We seem to pull out the kid in each other: we emphasize our excited, joyfully experiencing the world side. Whether we're just walking along the river, muddling through trying to buy jewelry for the first time, or exploring each others' taste in music, we can have fun. Leaf continues to amaze me with her ability to go pick up a book on anything and learn about it. She's also a really wonderful person. I don't think we really know where we're headed, but there is no urgency to knowing. So, we are free to just enjoy each other.