September 17th, 2006

Life Update, Commitment Celebration and an Excellent Weekend

It's been a while since I've written about what is going on. By some counts I haven't done so since February. Things are going very well; I continue to be as happy as I've ever been. One really exciting bit of news is that Margaret and I have decided to celebrate our commitment to each other with our close friends and family this December. We are not making any new commitments, but we are sharing and affirming our existing commitments. This is turning out to be one part formal event planning, one part figuring out what symbols to use to help people understand and one part marketing/message control. O, yeah, with joy, excitement, nervousness and worry thrown in. We finally got done telling all the people we needed to tell before discussing it in public. Here are two previously locked entries on the subject:

In other life news, work is hugely busy, but is quite enjoyable. I'm liking my new boss a lot. However he understands my job more than my previous boss and thus asks me to do things. This is good except that I am hugely over committed and need to engage in load shedding over the next months.

In my personal life, I'm having success meeting new people and building relationships. My last couple of parties have been enjoyable for those who attended. The focus of those who attend has shifted somewhat. I miss some of my old friends but also am happy with the people I am finding time to see.

In more local news, this weekend was wonderful. It started Thursday night. Margaret and I went to choose rings and to confirm our selection of a venue. Friday had a minor interruption of work. I worked a normal length day, but it was uneventful. I got home and got together with bouncingleaf for a delightful evening. The next morning, Margaret and I finished dealing with the first round of mailings to tell people about our event. Then, we got together with chardin and eirl who were in town. We had a great fun-filled day.