January 29th, 2007


January is almost over and I have not yet found time to comment on 2006. So, I'll do that.

2006 was the year when everything became moreso. The trends of happiness, being busy, and development of me as a person continued. I popped out of a couple of shells I didn't even know I was in at work, taking control of several projects and really establishing myself in a leadership position within MIT. My new boss came along and expected me to just be able to do things I'd never done before. He didn't know I'd never done them, so I tried and it worked out reasonably well.

I'm back to living alone again. I think I've done that long enough that I could go back to having roomates; I may do so to save money and for companionship.

I've written a lot about Margaret this year. I'll continue that in the future: when you have something that makes you that happy it needs to be shared.

Really, though, 2006 was a year when things that were already in motion continued to move along and define themselves. The 2007-2008 combination is probably going to be different. I'm not sure where the line is going to be, but I expect the next two years to help me define my plan for a lot of long-term career goals, where I want to live, nd a couple of other important things. I think it will be a fun ride.

Five Year Old Bomb Threat Strikes

My building was evacuated today because someone phoned in a bomb threat five years ago. As part of the investigation, a hand written transcript of the message was made. This transcript was apparently not dated and was found during an office move today and was interpreted as a new bomb threat. I think this is the stupidest reason for evacuating a building I've heard. Livejournal, prove me wrong.:-)