April 4th, 2008

Moving on From MIT

I really should have posted this Tuesday; not enough people make serious announcements April 1. I'm leaving MIT April 18 to start my own consulting practice. Ultimately I hope I find sufficient alignment in what I'm doing for my clients to turn it into a product company, but we'll see how that works.

During the month of May I'll be staying home with Zoe as Margaret returns to work. Toward the end of May, I'll start reaching out to potential clients for security, infrastructure or other interesting technology consulting work. If you want to contact me before then, feel free, although realize I have somewhat limited time until June. I've also received interest from people wanting me to join a startup. I'll consider that, although that's not what I expect to do now.

May Austin Visit

Margaret, Zoe and I will be visiting Austin Thursday May 15 through Sunday May 18. We expect to have a reasonably full schedule introducing Zoe to friends in Austin. If you want to get together with us, by all means drop me a note.