November 3rd, 2011

Lots of Good

Lots of wonderful stuff going on. For my birthday I mentioned it would be cool to have some pictures for social networking, for professional shots, etc. meadmaker was wonderful and spent an evening here photographing me. I will be working with mrw42 to upload these pictures, hopefully this weekend. I really appreciate the help and hope I have an opportunity to repay the favor.

Then there's mrw42. Recently she reminded me how wonderful it is that she's in my life. Among other things, recently she put a lot of thought into a problem that's been bothering me a great deal. Also, she's very supportive in general and helps me believe in myself. I need to be better about doing the same for her.

While I'm being happy about meadmaker and mrw42 I should mention that they've conspired to bring fresh bread into our family. Mark showed Margaret how to make fresh bread that doesn't take too long, and she's been doing it regularly. This is of course wonderful for everyone here.

Work is going great as well. I've also been having some great conversations with people I met at the beginning of October and have been doing a lot to think about some new stuff.