December 10th, 2011


One of the things that been making me really happy lately is work. Our entire family is working for Painless Security, and everyone is doing great stuff. Kevin has been coming up to speed on some new technologies We had a review meeting with the client yesterday that went very well. They have more work they want to do for the next phase and were happy with what we delivered.

Margaret put in a lot of work over October and November. I was kind of worried that she didn't seem to be getting to all the things she wanted to get to. I would have been less worried had I realized at the time all that the did get done. Of course the work quality was excellent. Even though the client and I kept redesigning components of the system out from under her, she managed to give multiple great presentations and significantly advance our understanding. It's still a hard task to explain some of the technology involved, but we're making progress. She's great at making sure that systems really do fit together and at making things easy to understand. I think the design will slow down a bit now and we can really get on to fleshing this out.

I love working with a group this great. This is the sort of thing I've wanted to do for a long time and it makes me happy that it is working out.