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I'm at Apple's WWDC this week. The conference has been interesting; the Intel announcement was not a complete surprise even before the rumors hit based on some deductions about what was going on within Apple. I'm mostly here for the hallway track rather than the sessions. Met with Apple's head of directory services; he gave me a lot to think about. My head will be spinning once I really get around to considering what we discussed. Hopefully it will lead to a long-term strategy for the Kerberos consortium on identity, federations and single sign-on goals. However my head is too full of personal life issues to focus on directory strategy.

Had dinner with photonsrain last night. It's fun to go to a far-away city and meet people you know who happen to be there. The option of excessive Kerberos geeking was actually not enough to drive her away, so we seriously considered hanging out with the conference mob. However, she indulged my desire to get away from the area around the convention center.

Other social stuff is very happy in a silly sort of bouncy beyond reasonable rationality way. Then again, it's fun to be irrationally happy.


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