Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

The last year

I was recently reading over some of the journal posts from the last year. I'd somehow gotten it into my head that the last year had been relatively calm and not much has happened. Not true at all! Professionally, I'm a manager, I'm on the IESG and work to set up the Kerberos consortium is going better than I could have hoped. None of that was true a year ago. Even Netzah has changed significantly over the last year although I've not been involved in it much. Personally, I've managed to get out of some ruts I was in regarding how I thought of myself and to continue to grow. Socially, I've managed to strike out and build a number of new and wonderful friendships here, in Austin and around the world. I'm not spending as much time with any one group of friends as I used to; that doesn't mean that I care less about existing friends, simply that time management has been hard. If I haven't been around and you want to get together, feel free to give me a call or drop a note. Anyway, I'm just amazed at how much has actually been going on over the last year. I think that I had concluded not much was going on because my stress level has been relatively low throughout most of it.
Tags: status

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