Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

When all else fails.

When I get tired of this whole programming and designing stuff thing, I think I'll go become an Oracle consultant. I'd hate part of the job—the walking people who don't know what they are doing at all through problems they are nominally paid to solve part—but the pay is really good.

I sat in my first meeting with an Oracle consultant today. He pulled off the being a consultant thing very well. He had a nice presentation on matters that the customer would find interesting but really didn't matter much at all. He also knew Oracle quite well; the reason the presentation was fluff is that the customer wanted it to all be faster and had no idea what their performance problems are. There's only so much you can say about thatt: we need to figure out what's slow and then we can work on this. The consultant did that, but had another two hours to fill. Thus the fancy presentation.

But seriously, if I can ever get the hang of handling the customers I'd find certain parts of the joy enjoyable. I like Oracle. And apparently it pays well. It'd never be a job that I'd find fulfilling in the same way Kerberos is, but if I decide that my job should not be my primary focus for fulfillment, it's something to consider.

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