Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Jhawk VS Laptop

My laptop has been sick of late: whenever I turn on the wireless adapter under either Linux or Windows the machine very quickly hangs hard. Nothing short of power button gets any response. IBM was being somewhat annoying and wanted me to run a bunch of diagnostics I was having a hard time doing, so I invoked jhawk. Invoking jhawk is always dangerous: you never know what will happen but it will always be more complicated than you expect. I think we ended up fixing the laptop. Tools used in the experience: a screw driver, a pencil eraser, various parts of Windows XP, an anvil (improvised), hammer, sandpaper, soap and water. By the time we were all done I was quite happy to still have a laptop; the fact the wireless seems to work is really and added bonus.

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