Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

IETf out of Control

I've just realized that I don't have time or mental bandwith to track all the critical global issues before the IETF. This is insane and I have no idea how we're supposed to deal with the mess. We've got:
  • The LTRU last call, which will probably turn into an appeal. Very complicated; lots of Jefsey comments. Those comments are hard to understand.
  • Two appeals against the publication of Sender ID on different grounds. Highly political.
  • A last call that can be described as a disagreement between Apple and part of Microsoft about how to do multicast DNS to find resources on the local network. Issues are very complicated and go back five years.
  • All the process stuff.
O, and then there are the non-global issues. You know, things like the documents I'm trying to get approved or am currently blocking.
Tags: ietf
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