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Friends and Birthday

I turned 30 this Sunday: it was an excellent opportunity to get friends together. The weekend started out Thursday with a trip to Austin . I was staying with Rehmi and Kit, friends of mrw42. I met Rehmi just before he moved to Austin; it was great to see him again. The really neat part of the Austin trip was that Rehmi, Kit and mrw42 (who was also in town) came to Odd Friday. They really enjoyed themselves: after we all got home, they stayed up for several hours discussing the party, the people there and a variety of related topics. It makes me unspeakably happy to introduce one group of friends to another and for there to be mutual interest. I realize that some friends of mine will just not get along with other friends. However I really want to bring people together and build common interest. "Hey. These are great people; see if you can get anything out of meeting each other," is a lot of the motivation behind introducing one set of friends to another. It is great when connections actually do form. There is wonderful energy in the exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

The Austin trip was brief. I flew back to Boston Saturday and spent the evening with bouncingleaf. Then on Sunday, I had my birthday party. Again, it was a wonderful experience. There were a lot of people who don't normally get to see each other who seemed to be enjoying themselves. I also saw several people who I haven't kept in as good of touch with as I would like.

After all too little sleep, Shava, Joseph, bouncingleaf and I were all off to Margaret's Labor Day party. I had invited Leaf to the party a few weeks ago, but she didn't meet Margaret until my birthday. We all had a wonderful time. As usual, Margaret attracts a extensive collection of friends with excellent stories to share.

This has been one of the best weekends of my life. Thanks so much to those who made it all possible.

Tags: introspection, relationships

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