Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Twisted Sense of Humor

So, I found inspiration in the complete futility of a plea sent to debian-devel. Since there was nothing useful I could say I decide to comment on the shrouds of mystery and lack of transparency surrounding the Debian administrative processes. My secondary goal of becoming the top hit for "debian sex magic," has not yet been realized. That was fun to write. It was also enlightening on a few different meta levels. I think I successfully managed to get into the character of a naive user not quite understanding how the world works but far too eager to help anyway. The person from whom "but I was just trying to help," is a dreaded refrain. I don't normally have empathy for that role. Then I started to picture the dawning horror of someone who read such a message when real power was being manipulated and real risks taken. I gain a new appreciation for why you might want to make some things hard to learn.

In other Debian news, allbery became a developer. It's about time. Russ has already put a lot more work into Debian than I've done this year. Working with him has been a pleasure.


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