Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Arrived in Austin

I arrived in Austin Friday and will be here until January 4. Flight was good; had great fun With friends Friday evening.

My parents had a party Saturday. It came off well, but I think they need to learn to not make quite such a big production of events. My parents always like to throw parties that involve a lot of work. In part this is good because their cooking is excellent; especially their baked goods.

Around 50 people ended up coming to this party. I didn't know many of them although ended up having several interesting discussions and seeing many of the older people from around the neighborhood I hadn't seen in years.

I wonder though if my parents couldn't find a better balance between the time they put into planning a party and the time they get out of it. Many of the guests brought food; I'm sure they could have spent hours less preparing things and still had more than enough food for everyone. I think it would be fine if they really wanted to spend the time, but I'm concerned they do it because they always have or feel some obligation.

I'm still scheduling things to do over the next two weeks. It looks like I'll get to meet up with a lot of my friends who are still in Texas.

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