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My First Car

Shava and I are visiting my parents. We're renting a car so we can stop by Santa Fe Monday. I am paying for the car. Apparently New Mexico car rental companies cannot rent except when the primary driver is the one paying. "So, we need your drivers' license and credit card." "I don't have a driver's license." A manager is summoned; she asks for my license. I offer all the forms of ID I have and she decides an expired Texas ID is fine. So, I'm signed up as an authorized driver for this car. I wonder what it would do to their insurance rate if I took full advantage of the full coverage option.


I bet you'd be a great driver if the car were high-tech enough :) It'll happen in the next half-century, I think. But yeah, silly rules.
I can't tell you how much this post amused me :) Have a good time in the Southwest!
This sure sounds like it could end up a "Priceless" Mastercard commercial.
hahahah! I love your sense of humor :)
Wait, you taught me to drive and you don't even have a license?!!?!
Well, you did get a good deal:-)