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Design Discussions

I seem to be a few days behind. I need to write more here and may try to do so.

Last Thursday, I got home to find Alexis and kcr playing video games. We had some interesting discussions about the future of IS at MIT and about how Kerberos may or may not fit into that plan.

Then we started discussing design directions for KLL. Specific details were not important. However it was enjoyable to actually get into the systems design mindset. I enjoy when I manage to get enough of a connection with a design space that I'm able to intuitively feel how things might fit together and to get excited about what I might be building.

I don't work on design problems enough lately. Some of the phone conversations with Nico have the feel of designing new systems. But they seem so distant and unlikely that I find it harder to appreciate.

ANyway, it was nice to be reminded of why I'm working on software.


What is the future of IS at MIT?

Future of IS

Obviously, most of IS will stay as it always has. MIT will continue to run a network, have DNS, have phones and run web servers.

The main question seems to be the future of Athena and development. Kerberos is also very much up in the air, but I'm technical lead for that so probably should not discuss here.

A year or two ago, the trend seemed to be to use the Athena brand for everything. There was WinAthena and a discussion of using the AThena brand to cover various non-Athena things released for Linux.

But Athena seems to be waining right now. The new VP of ISNT is very pro-Windows. Athena 9.3 will happen as scheduled, but it seems like there is going to be discussion of the focus of the UNix platform team's job after that point.

September 2019

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