Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Speaking at Conference

Radia Perlman recruited me to talk at a security conference in DC. This will be the first talk I have given at this sort of event. I think it will be fun. It will also be nice to see a lot of security people in a context less stressful than IETF. I think that the speakers are good and that it will be a lively conference. I'm a bit concerned that the set of speakers is not quite balanced and that the selection of topics is skewed a bit towards the typical communications security focus. However if you treat this as a set of credible opinions from people who know what they are talking about rather than say a representative sampling of what's going on in network security today, the conference will be excellent.

In other news, I'm working for a new boss. He actually interacts with me a lot more than my old boss. In several ways this is good: he has ideas and he sets interesting challenges. However I'm concerned that I am finding it difficult to make enough time to do IETF work. I may have to start pushing back a bit; I am quite behind on IESG stuff at this point. It has not been a critical failure because the last two telechats have been incredibly light.

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