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You know, if I were having sex in a manner that tended to get females within a few mile radius pregnant and caused significant discomfort for animals of other species, it would quickly become illegal and I'd be forced to stop. Yet somehow we tolerate and to some extent even encourage this behavior in plants. What gives?


Monsanto does not have enough lobbyests or lawyers yet...
I don't think any amount of lawyers could possibly be enough to let me get away with the kind of stunts plants pull.
I mean take a look at their cataclysmic environmental record. Dumping poisons into the atmosphere until they threatened all non-chemo-synthetic life. What would the world have come to if it hadn't been for the grass roots—that's probably the wrong term for the period—intervention from bacteria set up to capture the oxygen and isolate the toxic mess.
Whenever people claim that governments or corporations have just gone too far I can only think of plants.
Sam, you never cease to amuse me. Sorry about the plants having sex in mid-air.
That made me cackle...
In our yard, we encourage group sex, as we have a beehive that gets involved, too!
If it was the only way you could propogate your species, they'd let you do it too...
No, bad family values. Wouldn't be permitted.n