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I recently returned from IETF 66 in Montreal. This was yet another IETF meeting that was incredibly busy. Margaret and I stayed an extra day after the end of the meeting and I don't think either of us had come close to recovering from the week by the time we returned to Boston. However the meeting was incredibly productive and I had a great time. Going to the IETF meeting reminds me why I'm putting so much time into the IESG. Kerberos was a great surprise: we have done a lot of work over the last two years and we have a bunch of things very close to completion. I actually had all the data available to me, but did not put it all together until the chair reviewed our progress in the session. I think I may be busy reviewing documents for publication. The other working groups I'm personally involved in are also productive. There is a lot of positive energy in technical work. I had a great lunch with Steve Kent and Russ Housley; I think I helped build an understanding of what it means to secure applications via IPsec. I also believe I have some specific steps that we can take to make things easier. O, and then there was WAE—the BOF on web authentication. The BOF was about as successful as it possibly could have been. At one level that's not much: the main result is that I now have permission to present my proposal. However that's a lot more than it could have been.



Secure Applications with IPSec

I'm confused: IPSec is underneath the application layer, the whole point (it seems) is to secure the lower layer without having to change the application. What's under your sleeve?

That, and how does Kerberos relate to OpenID?




I second your not recovering. I've been travelling and working the past few months and finally finished up the Iberville project. Thank God for "additional_tunnels", Dave's refusal to give up when links don't work, and Kenneth. I think I could sleep for a month, I mean literally.


September 2019

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