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Margaret and I picked up rings yesterday. I'm told they are shiny. They seem to have come out well, but now we have to wait until December before wearing them. Lately our focus on the event has been on event planning details: choosing invitations, getting details arranged, thinking about what we want to say. I guess I could and should write some about what we want to sa, but the rest of it has been the sort of typical things people go through when planning any sort of important event. I'm enjoying it.


Congratulations on the shiny. I agree that it's very frustrating to have shiny and not be able to wear it!

Ceremony-writing is painful unless you have the eloquent knack of a poet laureate. We were lucky in that our Rabbi had a published "choose-your-own-adventure" style ceremony book that was great. We considered writing vows ourselves, but decided better of it -- in retrospect, I still would have liked to have done so, but I don't think I could have written anything appropriate.


Oops, that was me.
Mmm, shiny. I asked my honey for a purple jelly (as in jelly bracelet) engagement ring though...(and he hasn't gotten it yet, despite that I told him where to find it...Claire's...they're 10 for $5).