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A year Ago

A year ago today, I made a commitment to share my life with Margaret. I would have expected such an event to be heavily planned. It wasn't. We'd both been thinking about how important our relationship was. Margaret had wanted to explore some form of long-term commitment for a while, but I was still trying to figure out what I wanted. Late in November I realized that I was ready for a long term commitment. We didn't get a chance to discuss in detail what we wanted until our December Austin trip. The night of the second we discussed where we were headed. Then, shortly before leaving the third, we asked ourselves whether there was any thing we still needed to consider or think through before making the commitment. There wasn't so we agreed to share our lives. We were ready and so we took the step. The following year has been the happiest of my life.

Over the following month, we learned how to express the meaning of our commitment to ourselves. That month was difficult as we tried to explain our relationship to others. Our travel schedule and busy lives kept us apart for much of December which was difficult. But as December flowed into January, we continued to realize that we had made the right decision and that we had found joy and happiness together.

For me, this has been one of the best things that ever could happen.



Why do you talk in circles? Why don't you grab Margaret, tell her you love her and ask her to marry you? This is the way it is done.

Well, there are two answers. First, I always talk in circles or at
least spirals. I tend not to want simple things, and so when I try and express what I want, it never comes out simple.
Sure, that's a limitation, but I'm really happy with who I am.

But there's a practical problem with your suggestion.
Margaret is haply married.


These type of relationships have existed since day one. Eventually they sort themselves out.

The success of a relationship requires love but depends on integrity and respect. If you can maintain these conditions for an extended period of time then it will succeed.

Congratulations! This put a smile on my face to read today; I'm so glad that it's working out this well.


Congratulations. It all sounds quite optimal and successful.
It's always great to hear that someone is happy.
Hooray for love and joy and happiness! It's been a joy to me, too, to watch your relationship unfold and grow in the past year.
*happy dance for Sam and Margaret*

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