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I had a party Saturday. It was very sparsely attended, but I think those who did make it had a good time. There was way too much food and drink for the number of people who attended. bouncingleaf and Ryan attended; this gave mrw42 an opportunity to meet Ryan.

I'm going to try to do a better job with the next party to make it some time when more people can attend. I'm glad I had this party though; I needed to get together with friends and it had been too long since I had people over.


*blush* I would have been there, but I completely forgot it was this weekend.

Glad it was fun anyway!
Having not gone, I can only say that you did advertise it plenty early, and it was at an convenient time.

Alas, my baby commanded me to rock her to sleep. Several times.
Yes, it was enjoyable. Thank you.
I was glad that they could finally cross paths :) We had fun.


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