Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Great Big Sea

Thursday evening I went to see Great Big Sea. It was excellinte. I highly recommend fans find some show on this tour to go to. They sounded much better than they did on the last tour. I think they are doing a better job at compencating for Al's range while on tour. I really liked the new arrangement of the Chemical Worker's Song; it's a bit strange to have such a happy song about soul-grinding work but it did come off well. I still like the original too; I'm not sure which I like better. They seem to have perfected Sea of No Cares, and it's definitely coming out better than it did on the album. And they finally seem to have gotten the message that when going to Boston, they actually do have to play Boston and St. John's.:-) It was the first time I heard that in concert. It works quite well especially with an audience that is into the show.

Apparently a new album is coming out after this tour. They played I think three new songs from that album. One, Walk on the Moon, was actually kind of nice. Stylistically it sounds like it would fit well on Something Beautiful, which isn't exactly a compliment, but it would have been one of the best songs on that album, and I thin it has significant promise. The other two didn't really stand out; I wait to see how they evolve over the tour.

Anyway, I lively, fun concert was exactly what I needed Thursday night.


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