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Ritualized goal Setting

MIt IS&T has a new goal setting process. It goes something like this. Start with a sailboat. Map the five stretegic themes into the wind that fills the sales. Map past job performance and the job description into the ballast. Sail on the ocean of the seven core competencies or the sea of individual competencies. Add in the five attributes of a goal followed carefully while maintaining flexibility. Celebrate quarterly and anually. Ah, progress.


Is it part of the assignment is to do it with the eight-color crayon box and use each color? I mean, management is important, and employee development is important, so obviously, we should make a kindergarten game out of it!

The really sad thing here? I'll give you odds some consultant was well paid for it.
Actually, no. One of the things they emphasized is that this process
was designed by the IS&T task force on performance review. That task
force was just IS&T people. Although they did focus on reading "the
literature." Getting the right accent on literature is appropriate to
Wait, wait.. you were being literal? I thought that was just a metaphor for the exercise. OMFG.
To clarify, I was mostly being literal. All the elements were
definitely from the presentation. The boat, wind of strategy, ballast
of past performance was all there in what we were shown. I fit the
rest together: the competencies, individual and core, etc were all in
the presentation. But the presenter "forgot" to map them into the
boat metaphor.
That is corporate BS raised to an art form.

I'm sending that description to my boss and asking him if we're doing this on Monday during my review.

September 2019

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