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I will be a father!

Tomorrow, mrw42 and I will have been dating for two years. Two years ago, I had no idea that we would grow as close as we have become. I certainly had no idea that I would be eagerly awaiting the birth of our child.

However, that is exactly what is going on. Margaret and I are having a baby. She is due in early February. I plan to move in with Margaret, Kevin and their kids towards the end of this year. We hope to form a family with three adults and to raise our child together. I'm so incredibly excited to be having a child with Margaret.

I'm also very excited that I've finally told all the people who need to hear first and that I can make a public announcement. The last couple of months have been stressful for Margaret and I. It's frustrating when someone asks how things are going and you realize that the most important things in your life are things you are not ready to discuss. We're both glad that is behind us and we can look forward to planning to live together and to welcoming our child into our lives.

Of course there is a lot of planning to go through in the upcoming months. Like every new parent, I'm nervous about whether I'll be any good, what it will be like, etc. This is also a big life change and while I'm very happy about it, I'm also a bit afraid of the change and the impacts it will have.


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Congratulations to you both!

I know that you're going to be a great parent. :-)
First of all, congratulations. This is wonderful news!

However, I don't mean to be impertinent, but how do you know the child is yours and not Kevin's? (And in a poly relationship, how do you decide who will be the biological parents of the children since, presumably, all of the adults in the relationship will be jointly raising the children?)
We decided to have a paternity test to confirm. We were reasonably certain that I was the biological father, but for a variety of reasons we decided that it was desirable to know with high certainty. So, I guess I should say that there are 217,913 to 1 odds that I'm the father.
Paternity tests are incredibly amusing in a situation like this where all parties are happy to be taking the test and where there are no wrong answers. There's all this legal crap that they make you go through which seems way over the top in this situation. however I guess companies offering those tests are used to getting dragged into court and they decide to make you go through all the legal mess up front.

As far as deciding who will be the biological father, well, I can imagine a lot of ways of doing it. I think that level of detail is something I'd rather not discuss in a public LJ post.

Very exciting, and congratulations!
Oh my god, I never suspected! That's marvellous; I'm so happy for you two!
Er, three, I guess. Anyway! Congratulations!
badass!! you'll do great :)
That's terrific, Sam!


(Oops, that was me.)
Congratulations! A baby! Wow, that's huge! Well, actually, a baby is quite small (says I, typing this with less-than-a-week-old on my lap :) ), but as far as life changes go, it's hard to beat that one.

You'll do fine. Mom says that nobody ever really knows what they're doing, not even people who've done it before, and she should know because she has six of us.
Congratulations! Boy or girl?
We chose not to find out at this point. Margaret's doctor knows, but we're sort of conflicted about whether it is better to be surprised or to have an easier job planning things.
I'm very happy and excited for you and Margaret :)
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