Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman


By this time I expected to have introduced a shareholders' resolution to dissolve Netzah. Things have not been going well financially; not really a fundamental problem with the model, simply a bad choice of projects and failure of our customer to make their own numbers.

Sadly things are never that simple. John has a new idea. John thinks he can get funding for this new idea. We're not really in a bad position if we can get income; no debt and a bit of cash in the checking account.

However I feel like I'm being set up to bash my head against a nice solid wall some more. For the most part I'm willing to continue some task—even a painful task—so long as forward progress in being made. I seem to have a willingness to try again that exceeds that of many people I know and that some would probably describe as unhealthy. I feel like John is taking advantage of this or at least is trying to do so. I actually suspect that's false. He actually seems to be just trying to find a way of
doing what he's good at and giving Netzah a chance to do what we're good at.

I actually suspect that this project will end up being a 'no' for business reasons. IT seems like we're setting ourselves up to succeed only in a case where we can pull off economies of scale, which is something John's companies have been historically bad at doing. Still, I'm frustrated that what looked like it might be a simple closure to an interesting if painful experience is going to be so complicated.


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