Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Austin Trip

I was in Austin the Columbus day weekend. It was truly wonderful. I got together with Arley and John Burns for lunch Friday. I had not seen them in a while. You can tell things are going well for John; he's scheming again thinking of how to turn his company into something really big. He was very excited about some upcoming news. I then went to Odd Friday. Of course, it was mhatless, and that was sad, but there were a lot of wonderful people there.

Spent Saturday with David and Sofia and with another friend later. Then, Sunday, I drove down to San Antonio with my parents. We got together with a high school friend of mine (Max) and his family. My parents had not seen Max in years. We all had a good time. His oldest child decided that my job was to wrestle with him and carry him around. It was fun.

Tags: status

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