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Nokia 6600

This is the month of new toys; a new work laptop is sitting in my boss's office and the new desktop is on order. Yesterday I got a Nokia 6600. This is thanks to obra who pointed me at Talks, a screen reader for Series 60 phones. It's so cool to be able to look at the address book, look at missed calls and do neat things like copy a number from recent calls to the address book. It's a bit bigger than the S55, but seems more solidly built. I guess I'll need to get a new Bluetooth headset; my current headset seems not to be compatible.

The voice command support seems to be kind of broken. It is very bad at recognizing commands. I seem to have gotten it into a mode where I cannot delete the voice tag on `normal profile' nor can I record it. Either operation says voice system error. Advice on how to recover appreciated. O, and whoever decided that you can only have a voice tag on at most one phone number per contact needs to get shot.

Next up: getting Bluetooth under Linux working better. I have GPRS, but would like to get Obex working.