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Tomorrow, I move from my apartment in Cambridge to live with mrw42 and the rest of our family. This is very exciting for me; I'm looking forward to the birth of our daugther Zoe and to being able to share my life with our family. Packing is going well, and at least at the moment things are under control.

My excitement is mixed with a bit of sadness. I'm going to miss bouncingleaf. She has been a wonderful apartment mate and I've enjoyed cooking, hanging out together and having her around. Obviously we'll still see each other, but it will be less frequent.

I'm also going to miss the city. I've been living in an urban area where I can just wonder to central square to grab food or go hang out at MIT. I can walk places. I think I'll adjust to the change; before moving to Cambridge I lived in Austin where I had very little ability to go places on my own. However it will be an adjustment.


I'm largely out of touch with you save through LJ, so I don't even know --- where are you moving to?
Wow, what an exciting transition. Congratulations and good luck!