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Eight days ago, Zoe was born. The subsequent week has been one of the most wonderful times in my life. I was nervous about how well I would bond with my daughter and about whether I would make a good parent and caretaker.

My concerns about bonding evaporated very quickly. It's amazing to hold someone that small, realize they are a person, and they need you to care for them. It's a lot of responsibility but it is also very wonderful. I have enjoyed watching Zoe try to learn how to coordinate her hands and begin to grow and develop. I seem to be doing OK at taking care of her.

Currently I'm on leave with Kevin and Margaret. I'm definitely enjoying being able to spend time on our family as we welcome Zoe. I haven't managed to get out at all since Zoe was born. In many ways that's the point: focus on getting to know Zoe and on finishing the things we need to do for her to have a place in our lives.


Congratulations! I hope she will bring a smile to you every day, even on the days she inevitably brings you exasperation as well.
Sounds like you're doing wonderfully! I'm so happy for you, Sam (and so jealous that you don't have to go through pregnancy before getting to have a child) ;)
Mazel tov! I'm so happy for you!


soooo sweet!!! fortune & good health to you all!
Congratulations! I hope you'll get some sleep sometime in this decade! :-)
Congratulations! Sorry I missed such a stupendous announcement, at the time, as I have had a heck of a year and have been a really bad blog reader.

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