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back in Boston

We're back from vacation. Over the next month my primary job is taking care of Zoe. That means that I'll be spending much less time around the computer than I normally do and so may be fairly slow to respond to email or LJ. Over vacation I didn't read email once other than to pick out a few messages I was expecting. So I'm at least a week behind on everything. Cell phone or SMS is the only reliable way to get a fast response from me over the next month.

I'm looking forward to the Austin trip mid month.



we've been pretty behind on everything. In case I haven't yet said this, we'd LOVE to see you and your family when you're in Austin.
Assuming that you hold an odd friday, I'll be there. Either way I definitely want to make sure you meet Zoe.
She is so amazing. She has just gotten to a point where she can play with things and really take notice of her surroundings. It is so wonderful to watch.