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FundsXpress DBA convicted for identity theft/check fraud

According to a Taylor, TX paper, a Fundsxpress DBA used their customer accounts database to find account number and produce fraudulent checks that were passed in Austin. I must say that's a rather banal way to commit fraud given that data. Lack of creativity combined with lack of ethics.


So, he stole $65k, and therefore taxpayers are going to pay for him to be in jail for 6 years? $65k strikes me as being roughly the cost of keeping him in jail for one year.
A six-to-one smackdown factor does not seem unreasonable. Remember that you want the cost-if-caught to far outweigh the return-if-not-caught. It really is pathetic that he managed to get so little.
Thanks for posting this. Sadly, he seemed like a nice guy to me, though I didn't know him well. Makes me wonder what lurks behind friendly facades of other people I meet in daily life.