Sam Hartman (hartmans) wrote,
Sam Hartman

Socialization and the Weekend

I haven't been getting out much since Zoe was born. There has been the new consulting, taking care of her, and a lot going on. However, lately I've really wanted to start to have a social life again. I want to meet people and not get stuck in a shell.

Last week was great. I went to the Diesel on Tuesday. It was unexpectedly good. I got there relatively early, met some great new people and ran into people I had not seen in a while. Diesel on Tuesday is often difficult for me. I can't tell who I know there, it's very crowded, and many people are there to see people they already know, not to meet new people. So, it is quite nice when it works well.

Friday I got together with lindalee and her husband to see Hell Boy II. It was surprisingly good, and we had a wonderful time. Then I went to lediva's for a house warming. I didn't expect to know anyone besides her, but it turned out I knew a lot of people there. I did meet several very interesting new people. It was an excellent evening.

Saturday was mrw42's birthday party. I had lots of fun.

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